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One to Watch: Set Aside

July 27, 2012

A five piece pop-punk outfit hailing from Cardiff, Set Aside formed around a year ago. Obviously it’s still early days for them, but I feel they’re worth note and one to watch out for. I would say usually that pop-punk isn’t what I would normally listen to, but I Set Aside my preconceptions and gave them a listen. (Oh God, I’m so sorry for the pun)

The three songs they’ve made available on their Facebook so far shows that the band already seems to have a knack of writing catchy songs, which stay with you throughout the day, and often with you into the next as an earworm The standout among them for myself being B.I.G., which has a heavier feel to it than the other two tracks. The production on ‘A Friend of Eve’ & ‘Not Acceptable in Suburbia’ sounds very slick and professional, and is a good sign for any future recorded material.

They recently had their second live outing, supporting Hot Damn at Undertone in Cardiff. Whilst singer Matt Green’s voice wasn’t at 100% that evening due to illness it didn’t detract from an excellent performance from a band still in its relative infancy. After an unexpected but rousing rendition of ‘Afternoon Delight’ to start with, which leads to big smiles all round, the band suffered a technical hitch going into the first song proper. It would have been easy for this early hitch to have thrown them off their game, but they dealt with it well and recovered quickly. The band played a very well received set, playing the three songs they’ve made available already as well as some new material. The new material I felt seemed to have an edge to it, and acts as a counterpoint somewhat to the more traditional pop-punk sounding tracks lie ‘A Friend of Eve’ & ‘Not Acceptable in Suburbia.’ It makes for a very energetic feeling performance, and the perfect accompaniment to a sunny evening.

Set Aside are sure to be a band on the rise on the Cardiff live music scene, and it will be interesting to watch as they continue to grow and get more performances under their belts and work on new material. I would advise that you keep your eyes on your local gig listings, and if you see them coming to your town go out and see these guys.

They can be found on Facebook at:

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m friendly with a couple of members of Set Aside. I’ve done my utmost to not let it influence anything I choose to write about them and should make it clear that I wasn’t asked to write about them, 

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