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Brand New UK Tour February 2012

February 24, 2012

I was lucky enough to catch three shows of Brand New’s recent UK tour, each one more amazing than the last. Cardiff, the last date of the tour, and the date which Gareth also attended was easily the best show of the tour, and possibly the best out of the 9 times I have seen them.

It is an impressive feat for a band to manage to make every show amazing, despite the fact that the set list was almost the same for every date. The inclusion of ‘Mix Tape’ from Your Favorite Weapon was a definite highlight. It was awesome to be stood in a room with so many dedicated fans that could sing along word for word to songs from four different albums, one of which has recently had its 10 year anniversary. The band said themselves that they hadn’t come here to shift albums, they’d simply come because they knew that we wanted to see them and the sincerity of this statement was obvious. Jesse Lacey finally seems comfortable with the role of front man, and his laughing and joking on stage created an infectiously good atmosphere which only added to their brilliant live show. As Gareth said, their decision to play straight through instead of pull out the cliched pretence of an ‘encore’ is a good one, and after the climax of ‘You Won’t Know’, a song which has grown into an almost overwhelming wall of sound, there was no way that anyone in any of the venues that I saw them in would have felt like they were owed any more songs from the band.

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