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Brand New – Cardiff University Great Hall, Cardiff 17/02/12

February 24, 2012


In 2010 I saw Brand New in the less than intimate surroundings of  Wembley Arena, I went into that gig knowing a couple of their songs and wouldn’t have considered myself a fan. On that night, I left the same way that I came in; not really a fan. I was there as a good friend had a spare ticket and no one else that could afford the trip to London.

On the most recent occasion, in Cardiff, the ticket was once again a gift and I went along as not much of fan. However, on leaving this time something was different. I had the compulsion to go away and listen to Brand New, and have racked up an impressive number of listens according to my account.

It made me wonder, what was different about this gig than the last? Sure, Brand New put on a technically sound performance at the London show, but it didn’t click with me. On the Friday night in Cardiff on the last night of their UK tour the band seemed in excellent spirits and much more chatty than I had previously seen them.  This time around they also were not touring in support of an album so their they were playing a greatest hits set. For a non-fan this I feel may have been the clincher. Getting to a see a band perform all of their best and most well known songs (well known ≠ best as we all know)

Brand New played well, and looked to be having a good time doing so. Towards the end of the set the support bands, as it was the last night of the tour, were throwing things on to the stage and everyone was generally in high spirits.

I also appreciated the fact that the band didn’t waste time by doing an encore. They simply stayed on stage and played until curfew. Playing as much as they can for an audience is something I really appreciate, and I am often annoyed at gigs by how much time can be wasted with the whole process of doing an encore (don’t get me started on double encores.)


The set they played can be found below and  I have turned the set list into a Spotify playlist for anyone that is so inclined. BNC

Julie, the other half of this blog was also in attendence, so you might get lucky and get her review. I imagine she’ll have plenty of different stuff to say about the gig as she is a big Brand New fan.

1 .Welcome to Bangkok

2. Millstone 

3. Sowing Season

4. Vices

5. Gasoline 

6. Sink

7. Tautou

8. Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades

9. Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t

10. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows 

11. Mix Tape

12.  Jude Law and a Semester Abroad

13. Seventy Times 7

14.  Limousine

15. Jesus Christ

16. Deggausser

17. You Won’t Know

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