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Electric Six – More Than Just Gay Bar

May 22, 2011

There is more to Electric Six than simply ‘Gay Bar’ & ‘Danger! High Voltage’, and whilst they’re highly unlikely to be winning any Ivor Novello awards for their song writing, they are, I believe, worthy of another look.

Every year since around 2005 Electric Six have released a new album, usually in November and toured the UK in the December. Electric Six are already scheduled to tour in December, so I would imagine a new album won’t be far off either. They seem to be one of the hardest working bands going at the moment and it’s impressive that they consistently record and tour on such a cycle.

I have put together what I believe are Electric Six’s most accessible output post ‘Fire’, their first, and widely regarded as their best album. Much of it is culled from their 3rd album ‘Switzerland’ which has been their peak since ‘Fire’ but they have remained consistent since and I would urge you to take a listen to the five songs I have put in the Spotify playlist, and will list below for any of you not on or unable to access Spotify.

1. I Buy The Drugs (Switzerland)
2. Down At McDonaldz (I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master)
3. Night Vision (Switzerland)
4. Formula 409 (Flashy)
5. The Band In Hell (Switzerland)

More Than Gay Bar

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