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The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Joiners, Southampton

May 20, 2010

It has been 5 long years since their last album and 3 years since their last release The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster are primed to make a triumphant comeback after so long in the wilderness. During their time away a number of setbacks have befallen the band, from losing their record deal shortly after the release of their last album ‘The Royal Society’ in 2007, to one of the members entering drug rehabilitation and losing one of the shining lights of the band, guitarist Rich Fawnes, to Nine Inch Nails. Luck has most certainly been against them.

On previous ocassions the band have been glorious to witness live, so yt came as quite a surprise then that this gig was a real let down. You could be forgiven for expecting the band to be pleased to be back on the road, triumphantly returning to the live music scene of which they had only graced sporadically over the last few years. However, it seemed  like they didn’t want to be playing at all.

Whilst the band played as well as ever, there was absolutely nothing in the way of positive interaction with the crowd. The band didn’t say a word to the crowd at all during the set, with them looking bored up on the Joiners stage. Guy McKnight briefly took his usual jaunt through the crowd. The crowd easily parted for him as the Joiners was far from sold out and Guy made it quickly all the way to the back of the room with his mic, continuing to sing as he went.

There were further problems during the gig as the new guitarist Tristan McLenahan spat water onto the crowd and threw the rest of a bottle of water into the audience. The audience members threw the bottle back drenching some of the lights and shorting them all out, as well as going all over Tristan and his guitar and it was obvious he was not pleased. The band ended up playing for about an hour and fifteen minutes, before deciding they’d had enough and ended without the faintest hint of an encore.

I really hope that this was just an off night for the band, I’ve seen them previously and could honestly say they’re one of the best live bands I’ve had the privilege of seeing. This gig really left me with a band taste in my mouth, and I hope they don’t make this a trend or I don’t think they’ll be around for very much longer.

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