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10 Years of ATP – Saturday

January 31, 2010

This was in my view the strongest day of the festival, so unsurprisingly this was my favourite day of the festival. But, it wasn’t just because of the music.

This might sound odd, but possibly one of the best things of the festival for me was something that we watched in the chalet on TV. It was called ‘Wizard People, Dear Reader’ and simply put is an alternative commentary track for ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.’ This description just doesn’t do it justice. This thing was brilliantly funny retelling of the story. The narrator also goes about mocking the characters, the acting and anything else that takes his fancy. Somehow it just works and kept us captivated for 2 hours. I would recommend hunting down the audio track and giving it a go at home.

Here’s a excerpt from ‘Wizard People, Dear Reader’

Following this I ended up attending a Christmas dinner over at a friends chalet. This was a real highlight of the festival, and if I hadn’t attended it myself then I wouldn’t have believed it.

With the use of two 6 berth chalets a wonderful Christmas feast was whipped up for 16 people. It was staggering, and it really made it hit home for me how wonderful this festival is. I had only previously met one of the other 15 before, but was made very welcome by the group. We ate and drank and laughed and listened to music and played cards. All before realising the time and running off to the arena to start the day at the arena.

It had been a busy day even before seeing any of the bands. I started the day out with ‘Dirty Three.’

They’re an Australian outfit, and their lead singer and violin player Warren Ellis has collaborated often with Nick Cave. Ellis is instantly recognisable with his long hair and big beard, and he was often spotted around the festival over the weekend mingling with the crowd and watching some of the other acts.

‘Dirty Three’ are an instrumental band, and I didn’t know if they’d be able to keep my attention for the duration of their set as I have never been a fan of instrumental music before. However, they managed to keep me entertained the whole way through, the music was interesting and the stage banter was engaging. I would definitely go and see them again, should the chance present itself.

Here’s a link to one of their tracks on Spotify if you’d like to investigate them for yourself.

Dirty Three – Ever Since

The next band up were Battles, who are apparently ATP favourites. This was their first time on the mainstage though, and from my perspective it didn’t really work for them. I have enjoyed their album ‘Mirrored’, and they played a number of tracks from that as well as new stuff. It didn’t really translate well to the big stage. I can imagine that this show would have been much more enjoyable on the second stage here. I watched over half this set before going to check out the Melvins.

The Melvins were fantastic, and really made me regret hanging around to watch Battles. The sound they were producing was a force to be reckoned with. They closed the set by adding two extra drummers to the stage, these extra drummers it turns out were from Modest Mouse who took to the stage next. It was as excited a crowd as I saw all weekend, The Melvins whipping them up into a frenzy.

Modest Mouse were probably the band I had been most looking forward to seeing over the course of the weekend, and they didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, Isaac Brock the lead singer was have some throat problems and had been attempting to ease the problem by gargling a concoction of cayenne pepper and vinegar, which didn’t sound like fun in the least. Brock explained the problems he’d been having, which meant that he couldn’t sing some of the more vocally challenging songs. This didn’t hurt the set as much as I thought it might have. The set was a mix of stuff, mostly post-2000 material. The only notable song missing was ‘Float On’, but it wasn’t missed. Modest Mouse are so good at what they do, and such a good back catalogue that a set without what is unequivocally their biggest song didn’t feel incomplete.

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  1. Nic permalink
    February 1, 2010 12:47 am

    Yes ATP
    My favourite too
    I got Emma round to watch Harry Potter Dear Reader. We got half way through before Rach and Shaun from ATP arrived and Rach made us watch the Goblet of Fire because she fancies Cedric.

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