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Stereophonics, Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon

January 27, 2010

This is one of Stereophonics warm-up shows for their upcoming UK tour in support of their new album, Keep Calm and Carry On and it’s proved so popular that the venue have over-sold tickets, the venue is packed out and people are squished like sardines while many attempt to edge closer to the stage in the final minutes before the band go on.

One of the first three songs played is Bartender and the Thief, it usually appears later on in the set due to many fans feeling that is it easily one of their best songs but it is lost on the crowd here. Most of them are here for the songs that have graced MTV in recent years and Superman, Maybe, Tomorrow and You Stole My Money, Honey receive the best reaction from the majority of the audience.

The songs from the new album are forgettable, they merge into the rest of the set as some kind of filler and I, having not heard the album beforehand am left with no urge to listen to the album at all which, as this is essentially an extended selling demonstration of the album proves it isn’t really that effective. The fact that new songs are sandwiched between slightly older ones magnifies their flaws and inferiority, especially when it comes to the end of their set. Stereophonics finally bust out the old classics and a small section of the crowd comprising of die-hard fans sing along word perfect to Traffic, A Thousand Trees and Local Boy In The Photograph. It is these songs that remind you that once Stereophonics actually were a worthwhile, relevant rock band that people weren’t slightly ashamed to admit to liking. Their once clever lyrics that captured snapshots of real life, are now replaced with a bunch of stale song about things like Superman, but at least it got them famous, right?

They close their set with Dakota, the song that gave them their first number one, and the whole venue unites in singing along to the chorus, new fans and old shout along together and the sense of elitism that may exist between them is momentarily forgottenit’s moments like these that make big concerts worthwhile, even if there were more lows during the rest of the set, (almost) all is forgiven if you go out on a high.

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  1. February 6, 2010 10:51 pm

    LOVE the ‘Phonics! Going to see them in March 🙂 x

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