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10 Years of ATP – Friday

January 25, 2010

For those who don’t know, All Tomorrow’s Parties is a music festival which takes place at Butlins in Minehead. Included in the ticket price is your accommodation on site in one of the chalets. It’s a wonderful concept, and makes a very refreshing change if you’ve been going to festivals for years and are used to the refugee camp feel of festival campsites. Both the bands and fans a like stay in the chalets on site, and it was these chalets that created one of the most memorable experiences of the festival for me, but I’ll talk about that later.

This was to be the 10th Anniversary of the festival, but marked the first time either Julie or myself had attended. The line up was fantastic, being such a special occasion the organisers had roped in as many big names from the festivals past as possible, as well as displaying lots of lesser known acts as well. Julie was kind enough to drive, and it took much longer than anticipated to get there. Once we had arrived bands had already taken to the stage, which made a marked difference to weekend festivals I’ve been to before in which you usually have a days buffer between arriving and the music starting, but ATP is certainly no usual festival.

Once all our party had assembled at the chalet on the Friday, we excitedly set off to see the first band of our weekend. For myself this was a mighty disappointment. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks really did nothing for me. The music was good, but there was certainly something missing. Maybe it was the impending reformation of Pavement hanging in the air, but I was expecting much more from this. I really felt as if Malkmus just didn’t cut it as a front man, and certainly was nothing to get excited about. I had heard horror stories about Pavement live, so I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I most definitely was. There was no performance, everything was very well played but I really felt that I could have been at home listening to this on CD.

The next act of the evening was Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who unfortunately were half an hour late. This was not the great start to the festival that I was looking for, as the crowd grew restless and booed as time wore on. When the YYYs did finally arrive they did not disappoint. Their set tonight was to be a complete play through of their debut album ‘Fever to Tell.’ It was amazing to get to see this brilliant album brought to life in front of me, from the brilliant highs of ‘Date With the Night’ & ‘Y Control’ to the lows of ‘Maps’ it all sounded glorious. Once they’d finished performing ‘Fever to Tell’ they played a selection of tracks from their other two albums and EPs, but not before Karen O had a costume change.

Even though YYYs closed the mainstage for the evening, there was still much more music to come. The evening also brought performances from Mum, Fuck Buttons & Tortoise. All of whom were enjoyable. It was pretty amazing hearing Fuck Buttons make they sounds they do on their records live and in living colour.

The first day was pretty damn exhausting, after an early start, a long drive and then music going on later into the night, I was very pleased to get back to my chalet after witnessing some great live music. I was very much looking forward to day two which had more bands I was familiar with, although it turned out some of the acts that I would most enjoy would be those that I’d barely heard of.

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  1. January 25, 2010 10:49 am

    Very good man, well written. look forward to day two

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