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Glam Chops, Buffalo Bar London

October 29, 2009

It seems only right that the initial review that I write for this blog should involve Eddie Argos. If it weren’t for Eddie Argos and Art Brut then this blog would not exist.

Let me explain. It was at an Art Brut gig in the autumn of 2006 that myself and the co-creator of this blog met. Eddie has some words of advice that night, we should form a band. Or, if you’re not very musical (as he himself professed to be) then write a blog. So, that is exactly what we have done, and although it’s taken 3 years to put those words into action we’ve finally done it.

The Buffalo Bar was packed out for Glam Chops, and the band was mingling in the crowd during the support. It was so crowded that I literally fell over Eddie Argos trying to get down the stairs and into the place. I think that gives an impression of how intimate this venue was.

Glam Chops took to the stage around 11  in all their Glam finery to play an hour long set. Armed with their three dancers, the Panther Girls, the nine of them proved quite the spectacle. The stage unable to contain them all, forcing the Panther Girls onto the floor in order to showcase their dance moves.  Everyone was focused on Eddie and crew, who unlike many bands, actually looked like they were having a great time and their enjoyment was contagious. All throughout the crowd I could see people with beaming smiles, just standing back and soaking in the fun. I too couldn’t help but smile.

Midway through the set Eddie disappeared leaving vocal duties in the hands of David Devant, only to emerge just in time for the next song. He’d only been off for a costume change, coming back in a shiny new catsuit. I can honestly say, that was the first gig I’ve been to with a costume change and that’s pretty dang glam.

The night’s set could be described as a mix of stuff they’d played live before, and stuff they hadn’t. With but a few scant songs on Myspace, the set show cased what else Glam Chops have in their arsenal for a future album, or failing that a Myspace upload. The beauty of Glam Chops is that even the songs you don’t know sound to a degree familiar. This meant that even for the uninitiated a good night was in store.

I honestly couldn’t have imagined quite how much I would end up smiling that night, and just thinking back to it brings a grin to my face. If Glam Chops play near you, I implore you to go and see them. I can think of very few bands that could provide a good a night as this and all for only £5.

Set List

The Lord Is A Man Of War
The European Festivals
Tell Us Are You Ready Eddie
Don’t Be Glum Be Glam

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